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  1. michael walsh says:

    Hello I am the artist that made the cosmic carousel at burning man this year. Your picture is great, wondering if you might let me use it for our website etc.. and I also have an exhibit that I am doing opening October 6th I,d love to show this image. I would of course give you photo credit .

    thanks look forward to your reply..
    Michael Walsh

  2. jim says:

    thanks for doing this, you did really bring out the lighter side of this event, which i am sure attracts a million nuts and sex addicts.

    you also showed some of the great humor that can be found in folks who just want to laugh out at the sky with art., which for them is prayer also.

    I bet on a good day, many angels follow you for laughter and grins.

  3. tony zorich says:

    love your picture of my art “the fisherman”
    could you send e a copy for my private use.
    tony zorich

  4. Henrietta Yoxall says:

    Hi there – I am a fellow Burner based in London – I work with Media Mecca every year.

    I have been looking for a photo of ‘Bliss’ to display in my house and came across yours online. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to let me print a copy of your amazing photo?

    Best wishes and love,

  5. Katy Tahja/Book Fairy says:


  6. MSJ says:

    Fellow burner with a request regarding your 2011 video of the license plates on the trash fence. At 12:53 and 12: 54, there is a couple in front of the West Virginia plate, they are getting married on April 20 and I was wondering if there is any way to get a digital copy of these 2 pictures to give them as a wedding gift?
    Thanks, MSJ

  7. Rachel Weinberg says:

    Looking forward to seeing your favorite 2018 photos!! The one with the white bows as well as the deep playa shots will be fun to see. Talk to you soon.

    Much Martini Village love and hugs,

  8. Rachele says:

    Hi there!

    I’m a Graphic Designer and currently designing an Album Cover for my client. He’s a Jazz Pianist with the “Space Bus” theme, and think your photo Burning Man photo would work PERFECTLY!

    Here’s a link to the photo I’m referring to:

    Please let me know if this image is licensable.

    Many Thanks,

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