Field of 1100 pin wheels across playa

Large field of 1100 pinwheels installed by Deniz Kurtel

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Plerion by Deniz Kurtel

2 Responses to Plerion by Deniz Kurtel

  1. deniz says:

    hey! it’s so nice seeing photos of my work through other people’s lenses.. thank you for this lovely picture! you can check out this link for the first version of this project: (there were pinwheels hanging between see-through mirrors, which tried to give the feeling of a field of hundreds of pinwheels through reflection, and had a hidden fan blowing air on them that made them turn, and then I made the real version at burningman! :) cheers! deniz

  2. Gulfem Cetin says:

    Hi, first need to say that ? realy like ur work and glad to see u at there;) This s my most exciting dream to be there and share my stuff with burningmanpeople. I hope someday ll meet there.
    ps;now listening ur music also at ur website, so cool…

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